Infrastructure Challenges to Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles

While the number of electric vehicles is sure to increase exponentially in the coming years, charging them is going to prove a challenge. Consumers who purchase electric vehicles still struggle with factors like high battery prices and the low availability of working chargers. At the same time, owners of E-bus fleets and E-truck manufacturers are in need of rapid charging solutions in order to make these electric alternatives to traditional buses and trucks feasible. Learn more about the main Infrastructure Challenges to Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles:

- Pricing
- Charging
- Speeds
- Charging infrastructure
- Grid Capacity

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Battery Buffered Opportunity Charging

Did you know 45% of your Fleet electricity bill could be Peak Power charges for capacity you only use 17% of the time? Limited available grid capacity and high peak demand charges can make opportunity charging a challenge.

Concept product SprintCharge® is a new generation of smart charging station which includes a stationary battery for storage to enable the high power “sprints” of charging power required for opportunity charging. Read more in our whitepaper - Battery Buffered Opportunity Charging.
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